On such a wonderful day, I’m proud to announce the start of my beauty blog – My Loves and Things.

International Women’s Day is a powerful movement to celebrate the women all around the world, their accomplishments, and how we can affect change.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, I feel very close to this sentiment, especially this year’s theme.


It can be hard sometimes to be bold and fearless. I, for one, have two sides – one is very vanilla, conservative, adaptable, easy going, and pretty silent. But there is another side that is bold, unafraid, confident, and a risk taker. Can you guess which one likes to wear red lipstick? 

Honestly, this fearless side has been held back too long, and I truly miss it. She knows how to live unapologetically and knows her true value.

I say we bring her back, and let vanilla take a much needed break. Time to bring out the rouge!

How about you? Do you feel held back by fear?

Let’s all make a pact, starting now, to be bold.

Bold Eyelashes with polka dots

Enter the Best Beauty Blog – My Loves and Things

This makeup blog is where I’m unleashing this fearlessness. I’ve always wanted to start one that genuinely helps women discover the beauty within themselves by working from the outside in. You’ll find beauty tips to pamper yourself and product recommendations.

Also, living in sunny Huntington Beach, I’ll be posting my favorite local spots and eats in Orange County. Being a foodie and enjoying life are two of my loves.

If you feel like chatting at any time, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me.

I’m super excited to take this next step in being bold with you and starting my journey as a beauty blogger!

Please check back often and sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on products and news. I’m so happy you’re here, and can’t wait to share this next step with you.