Let’s kick old man winter to the curb (finally) and welcome spring with open arms! It’s sunny and beautiful in Huntington Beach right now, and I’m feeling the spring 2017 color trends all over. Aren’t you?

It’s the perfect time to add a bit of brightness to our cheeks and lips, and rock it with a pair of hot high-heels (or flip flops; flip flops are great too).

Spring 2017 Color Trends

According to the gods of fashion (aka New York Fashion Week), spring colors have arrived in the bright pantone colors of Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Flame, and Lapis Blue.

Spring 2017 color trends - Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Flame, and Lapis Blue

Tons of designers were sporting threads in these bold seasonal colors, and one in particular had some of their models wear matching cosmetics. Thom Browne not only blended nine shades into one dress, but also had models donning lapis blue lipstick. It’s definitely time to get funky with it.

And in the spirit of spring here are some fun ways to celebrate the season in the spring 2017 colors that are trending:


From furniture, to cosmetics, to wedding attire, these spring colors look fabulous anywhere and everywhere. 

In fact…

  1. Niagara: This soft blue is popular in saying “I do.” Bridesmaid dresses and ribbons come in this romantic tone.
  2. Primrose Yellow: This vibrant and sometimes blinding color is great for furniture and accent walls. Just a hint of this spring color, and your place will look smashin’!
  3. Flame: Clothes, clothes, clothes. From shoes to bags, flame red is that showpiece spring color that really brings out your personality.
  4. Lapis Blue: Your eyelids will look just magical with a dash of lapis blue and dark brown. Not that adventurous? Blouses look ever so whimsical in this stunning color.

Spring 2017 color trends are calling! And so is its aroma – stay tuned for another feature dedicated to all my favorite floral scents.