Alright my amazing Poshinistas.

Let’s get intentional with our goals for April.

I firmly believe that when you write your goal down, you constantly think about it in a positive “I’m going to make it happen” way. And then it will be yours!

So confession, I just watched The Secret recently. And discovered how the power of positive thinking is a very real thing. By staying positive and projecting good vibes, you can attract positivity and make your goals happen. 

So let’s get to this month’s Action Calendar going…

April’s Action Calendar for Poshinistas

Download, print, and hang this up on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator:

This month’s calendar is focused on increasing your engagement by completing weekly goals on your social media profiles.

From reviewing products to sharing what makes you happy, you’re going to find Poshinista goals on here that will help you grow your company and increase sales (fingers crossed).

And the best part?

Win Prizes

When you share your weekly goals in action on Facebook or with a comment here, you’ll be entered into weekly drawings to win prizes.

Please share your packets/samplers being given and sent out, so I can track your efforts.

Let’s work it this month, Poshinistas!! It’s going to be a fun (positive) month!

Sending you good vibes!!!