What I love about Posh products is how wonderful the products truly are (and I bet you do too!). From the way it feels on my skin to its sensational fragrance, Posh products are meant to be shared and tried on!

So here’s a tip – Send Posh samples to your customers whenever you can.

Getting Posh samples into their hands and onto their faces is a must, and I’ll show you the best way to do it!

Mailbox full of Posh Samples

How to Send Posh Samples Successfully

You may be thinking, “But Charla, that takes too much time” or maybe – “It’s too expensive nowadays to ship makeup samples.” 

Well, first off, quit complaining. 

And secondly, here’s some tips on sending Posh samples successfully via mail and/or in-person.

1) Where to Order Your Posh Samples

To save time, you can order your samples from the Portal inside your Posh Virtual Office. These packs are pre-made and save me a ton of time. 

2) How to Package Your Cosmetic Samples

Cute packaging is a must! It just adds to how fabulous the product is. I order polka-dot organza bags and other cute packaging materials from 
Posh Samples in Cute Polka Dot Organza Bag at Huntington Beach
I then stuff each bag with 3 to 6 Posh samples and ALWAYS include my business card. Also, make sure to properly label your samples.
If I’m sending via mail, I’ll also include a thank you card for existing customers. It’s those personal touches that make the experience rememberable for your customers. And it typically brings in 3 to 4 repeat customer orders each month that you don’t have to try so heavily for.
Thank You Cards for Buying Posh Products and Sending with Posh Samples

Another tip is when you’re sending Posh samples via mail to order bubble mailers in bulk from USA Mailers. Ordering in bulk saves you money, and you’ll definitely use all your mailers over time! 

3) When and Where to Hand Out Posh Samples

Everywhere and anywhere, literally. When you’re meeting someone new, find a way to strike up a conversation and talk to them about Posh. Carry Posh samples in your purse, so you can hand them one.
Always ask for their contact information in return, so you can follow-up with them on how they liked the product.
Never let a Posh sample leave your hands without their contact info to follow up.  You may as well throw it in the trash if you do that.

4) How to Hand Out Posh Samples In-Person

The easiest way to hand a cosmetic sample to someone new is to let them know you are growing your business locally and would love to get their feedback.  That way it isn’t like you are fishing for a sale, but looking for an honest review of your product.
This is a win/win because it gets “Posh on People,” and let’s the customer experience how great the product truly is.

5) Don’t Forget Existing Customers!

Existing customers LOVE getting new Posh samples; it’s like getting a gift with purchase or free gift at Sephora. 
Don’t forget to send some samples their way to drum up more business. To save on the cost of mailing, I only send samples and new catalogs every 6 months for 2 launches that happen each year to my VIPs who have placed an order in the last 6 months. 
It’s a great way to let them know you’re here and taking makeup orders!

6) Mail or In-Person?

If you can, opt to deliver the sample in-person over mail. With the cost of postage and mailers, it can be expensive to mail too many and time-consuming.
Not to mention, in-person is always better! They can physically talk to you (see your beautiful face), and you can show them the hand cream in your purse first, if you don’t have beauty samples on hand. It’s much easier to get business this way.

7) How Many Should You Be Handing Out

Between handing them out and mailing them, I make sure to get out 5-10 per month. This might be a good goal for you, but you should always be pushing your limits and seeing what works for your lifestyle.

A great way to increase sending Posh samples is to run a sample giveaway on Instagram or Facebook. It helps increase your social media engagement and help you get Posh on People!

8) Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

I can’t express enough how important it is to follow-up after you send a beauty sample. Find out what the customer thought of the product and your business. Not only is it a way to get more sales and build your team, but it’s a great learning experience as well.

Well, these were all my tips for sending Posh samples. Do you have any that have worked wonderfully for you in the past? Share your tips below with a comment. Can’t wait to hear from you!