When you squish your toes in the sand, run barefoot through the grass, or just lay in the rays of the sun, you can feel the majestic power of Mother Nature.

Not only is there so much beauty in the natural world, there are so many benefits to your skin! What organic cosmetic ingredients come from Her will surprise you and make your skin truly flawless, especially when you cut out all those harmful ingredients in most make-up products

So get healthy, get glowing by adding these natural ingredients into your organic cosmetics: 

Powder of Activated Charcoal to be used in cosmetics


What? Huh? Yes, charcoal. Activated charcoal cleans out bacteria from your skin – absorbing 1000 times its own weight in those substances. A face wash with this ingredient will leave your skin refreshed and dirt-free.

Coffee beans for organic ingredients in cosmetics


And you thought this was only in your morning cup of coffee! Found naturally in plants, caffeine is a compound that reduces skin redness and protects you from sun damage. 

Sea Salt for organic ingredients in cosmetics


This sounds morbid, I know. BUT actually sea salt exfoliates, cleans, and softens by removing those ugly dead skin cells. It contains sodium, chloride, sulfate, and more for an effective goodbye to!

Beeswax for organic ingredients in cosmetics


Those busy bees are working hard to help your skin – Beeswax moisturizes, reduces dryness, and doesn’t clog your pores. It’s considered an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that every queen bee deserves.

Macadamia nuts for organic ingredients in cosmetics


From Macadamia nuts (without the chocolate, sadly), macadamia oil offers anti-aging qualities and a lightness that penetrates the skin to reduce redness. It sounds nutty, but it’s not! 

Eucalyptus leaves for organic ingredients in cosmetics


It’s no wonder why Koala bears love this plant! Oil derived from eucalyptus leaves can be used in cosmetics as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial treatment. It also helps alleviate skin irritation.

Argan nuts for organic ingredients in cosmetics


Not a character in Lord of the Rings, Argan oil richly conditions the skin in vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotenes, and essential fatty acids. It’s ideal for managing dry, irritated, or acne-prone skin.

Grapes for organic ingredients in cosmetics


“But it’s so tiny!” – you might be thinking. Grape seed oil has high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants. Gentle on the skin, this oil conditions hair and protects skin’s collagen and elastin while toning it.

Jojoba seeds for organic ingredients in cosmetics


Yay, Jojoba seed oil minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Derived from the jojoba seed, this oil is non-greasy and actually regulates your skin’s oil production and reduces hair growth (tweezers, take a hike!)

Sugar cubes for organic ingredients in cosmetics


Without spice, it’s still nice. Sucrose or sugar is an exfoliant that absorbs moisture from the air. Naturally containing glycolic acid, sugar protects the skin from pollutants and rinses off with no residue.

Which organic cosmetic ingredient took you by surprise the most? Let me know; I’m very curious.

And remember that your skin deserves only the best organic cosmetics. Treat it with only the most natural and luxurious butters, oils, fruits, and flowers. Your skin will return the favor with a glow like no other!