Candice’s amazing story will truly inspire you! We first met in Chicago, after she joined my company as a Posh consultant, and I’m glad she did! She’s a super-sweet soul who’s one tough cookie. No matter how much life has thrown at her, she keeps on making things happen! I’m so very proud of her.

Candice’s Story

For over eleven years, Candice was an elementary teacher in sunny Florida. But when her son was heartbreakingly diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 4, she curtailed her teaching to help at home. Still wanting to earn an income for her household, she decided to look for remote work that gave her the flexibility her family needed.

She was introduced to Perfectly Posh through a fellow Cancer Mom who highlighted the benefits – all natural ingredients, under $25 price points, and made in the US. This intrigued Candice who decided to order the $99 starter kit and become a Posh consultant to test it out.

It’s been over four years since she joined and her business has seen such growth! She has a team of 270+ pampering divas and works whenever she wants to. She’s a true boss babe in every meaning of the word.

Selfie of Candice Genua who is an entrepreneur, Posh consultant, and friend


My Perfect Day: Anywhere with my Family

Fav Outfit: My comfy Lulu roe dresses

Fav Posh Product: Classics Snarky Bar

Q&A with Candice

Have you ever sold anything similar in the past?

No, I’ve never been in sales. But I wouldn’t consider Posh as direct sales. It’s more about sharing. I share the products that I love and I take care of myself all at the same time. I always devote at least 5 minutes to myself daily to take care of my pampering needs, as every mom should!

What benefits have you seen by being your own boss?

As a Posh consultant, I’m able to achieve income for my family and still dedicate the time to be around them. To be present and enjoying life with the ones I love – that’s the greatest benefit.

What would you recommend to women trying to be their own boss?

Set a schedule for yourself to avoid getting overwhelmed. With an online business, you can work more than you want since everything is connected to your mobile phone. If you set a schedule from the get-go, you can dedicate the right amount of time to each area of your life and still see success in your business.

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