Class is in session!
You might be lipsynching, “but we don’t need no education!” and Pink Floyd would be proud. BUT you shouldn’t be!
Unlike every other class you’ve taken in the past, Prep Academy is incredibly useful for growing your new Posh business, especially for Posh Starters. It gives you basic knowledge on placing orders, setting up your personal Posh website, and other ways to increase your oveerall success.
These are literally little bite sized videos and assignments to help you learn about the basics of getting started as a Posh consultant. The best part of this training is that it’s completely free!!
Knowledge is power, you guys!

When Should You Start Prep Academy

While your starter kit is on it’s way, get started on your Prep Academy training immediately. Don’t delay – start right away! The day you sign up is the best day. This way you learn the ins and outs of your new business very early and can start earning perks and commission.

Level of Difficulty for Posh Starters

There aren’t any pop quizzes or last-minute exams to stump you on. Prep Academy was built to help you best succeed, so the quizzes are easy and the information isn’t too difficult to grasp. You will learn how to navigate your Virtual Office with ease and other crucial business direct sales tactics.
Plus, the videos can be played on your mobile phone for you to watch on the go!

The Perks (Props)

As you complete your 30/60/90 day training, you want to stay ahead and not fall behind. Missing deadlines means that you don’t get any free stuff (called props) that you can earn. You can always go back and brush up on Prep Academy, but you can never go back to earn free perks. And everyone loves free stuff, amiright? 

Ready to Get Started?