After a cancer scare in my family, I decided to do an overhaul of our household products, including everything in my beauty cabinet.

I trashed everything that contained toxic chemicals into the trash (like petroleum jelly and suntan lotion, I kid you not!), and then started a search for replacement skincare products.

I stumbled across the Perfectly Posh brand while trying to find beauty products made from natural ingredients.

I took a leap of faith and ordered the starter Posh kit – just to get $250 worth of beauty products for $99.

It wasn’t my plan to actually sell Posh products and become a Gold Premier Posh Consultant. But it was so EASY! All I did was share samples with my friends and family, and the products practically sold themselves.

Get Your Starter Kit - Only $99!

Why You Should Order a Starter Posh Kit

Do you like anything that smells amazing? That feels good on your skin? Perfectly Posh products are exactly what you need!

The Posh kit comes with:

  • A range of products for you to try on (from lotion to bath bars to face wash) – you can indulge on yourself and get to know the product!
  • A bag of samples – Keep ’em or share ’em with friends!
  • A collection of full-sized products to keep or sell them to make back your original $99 investment. Then your kit was completely free – how awesome is that?

There is No Obligation

Signing up for a starter Posh kit means you are signing up as a Posh consultant – BUT don’t let that deter you.

There is no obligation that you have to sell Posh products – you could simply walk away with the discounted products in the starter kit and get perks to order products for yourself later on.

Why You’ll Want to Stick Around

Trust me; I was in the same boat as you! I thought, “Okay I’ll get some amazing products at a great price, then continue to buy for myself later on.” But boy, was I wrong!

After sharing samples with friends and family, the orders came in and my business just took off! People loved the product and it didn’t feel anything like direct sales (it still doesn’t feel like it). It feels like sharing an awesome product that will help others.

If you don’t feel the same way after you receive your starter Posh kit, that’s okay, no hard feelings. But if you want to continue to build your own business, enjoy new flexible hours with loved ones, and earn money on top of it – welcome to being a true boss babe! Let’s start your journey!

Get $250 Worth of Products for $99