Who is this “Charla Thomas” person of My Loves and Things anyway??

There I am, on the right…bringing you right into my home as I tell you about my incredible story. Press play to hear more.

I’m a mom, a wife, and a business owner with a passion for all things girly, all things that smell wonderful, and all things that are super good for me (food, beauty products, words of wisdom, etc).

I L*O*V*E to share things I’m excited about, which is why I started this beauty blog.

I’ll give you my best beauty tips, my favorite places to eat, and some local Orange County hot spots that you have to try.

I am here on My Loves and Things to answer any questions you have. I can match you up with a new skin care regimen or just add couple of new items to your daily routine. Contact me.

"Not long ago, I had two jobs and no time for fun things. I needed a change. I needed flexibility. My business has completely transformed my life for the better."
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Charla Thomas
Business Owner